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Four holes are broken up in the deep end of the pool, and two holes are broken up in the shallow end. This allows for proper drainage.
For vinyl liner pools, the metal sides are cut down a minimum of two feet bellow ground level.  Unwanted concrete decks will be broken up.
For concrete pools, the sides are broken down a minimum of one and a half to two feet below ground level.  Unwanted concrete decks will be broken up.
When we dump material on your street we use signs and pylons  to help keep the roadway safe for your neighbours and those passing by.
We only use material of the highest quality  for filling in our pools. Our material is purchased from gravel pits and is specially tailored to suit our needs. The material is guaranteed to be contaminant free. We compact the material in such a way that it will never sink. This allows us to offer a five year guarantee against any sinkage or settling.
Topsoil is then added and compacted thoroughly.  High quality screened topsoil is purchased from soil companies and guaranteed to be contaminant free. We guarantee at least six inches of topsoil in any given area after compacting.  Additional topsoil is added when appropriate.
After the topsoil is added and compacted, we professionally grade all backyards to ensure proper drainage away from the house. We spend time on every backyard that we grade to ensure that it is smooth and without bumps.
Plywood is laid down on the yard to prevent any disruption to your existing lawn.  Any gates that have to be removed to provide access to your pool are removed by us and replaced to their original condition after the completion of the job.
We clean up thoroughly at the end of each day, and remove any plywood that was placed on the existing lawn. We do not leave any mess behind so you are not expected to clean up after us on job completion.

All of our work is performed professionally. We have spent years to build a name that stands for quality and our name is strengthened every year with satisfied customers time and time again.

WE DO NOT USE FREE EXCAVATED MATERIAL (CLEAN FILL)!  All material is purchased from gravel pits and guaranteed to be contaminate free. Clean fill and other excavated material may contain contamination and unwanted debris. The owner can be liable in the future if they have contaminated soil in their backyard so it is very important to have soil purchased from gravel pits.
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